The diary of the attack

That was a once in a lifetime experience I had. Early this morning, I witnessed the craziest attack I have ever seen. So I thought it would be a great idea to have a peaceful, relaxing stroll along the Promenade but that wasn’t the case this time. Me and Sebastian put Leon’s ( my dog ) harness on and off we went. There was a midnight blue sky with the glistening stars that shone bright. All of a sudden…

“Ahhh” I screamed in horror, “w-w-what is that?” A giant horrifying creature raised from the diamond like water. I stood there in shock whilst the creature bowled over me. But it wasn’t getting me, it was getting Mrs Fossil! As quick as a flash, Sebastian grabbed Mrs Fossil by the arm and we pelted it back to her small fish and chip shop. Then we hid

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