The Malamander

My dog and I had gotten out the car and we could hear some drunk blokes, screaming about the mythical tale of the Malamander and that it was coming tonight. I obviously ignored them, and I went to the beach.

I sat down on the fluffy sand and listened to the waves crashing on the rocks. After playing in the fluffy sand, Bentley (my dog) quietly sat on my knee. I then felt something weird, it was like the wind had tilted sideways. Then my dog didn’t bark at the seagulls, which was strange to me because they usually act like sworn enemies. The once blue sky had turned grey in an instant. “It’s time!” They drunk blokes shouted. The clouds then filled up with rain faster than a gushing tap fills a cup. I could tell what was about to happen. The rain fell, the sand turned hard, the once jolly day had turned into a disaster.

“Once in a lifetime!” The blokes shouted once more. They then ran down the rock hard sandy beach whilst we were trying to run up. My dog then slipped: the sand had become slippery and squishy. One of the drunk blokes then back ran up the beach with my dog and said “Run! You do not want to be here.” I was confused but relieved that Bentley was with me. People started running, they were confused like us and didn’t know were to go. “Let the summoning begin!” the drunken blokes shouted. The wind had turned violent; the wooden deck of the pier was being ripped apart. The wooden panels then started flying into the ocean.”

Thunder and lightning came crashing down on the pier. “It’s out of our control now!”one of the blokes shouted whilst stepping out of the ritual. But the wind seemed to have other ideas and thrusted him forward. “Nooo!” A bloke trembled. Lightning struck the blokes. Their clothes fell to the ground in an instant; it was like their spirits floated into the water.

It was like Thor had sent a huddle of lightning strikes onto the unusual sand. Enormous waves started to appear on the shore line. We stopped staring and bolted to the closest car. Bentley and I were frozen with fear after we had hid behind the vehicle. I just couldn’t stop looking at this terrible day and thinking what went wrong for this to happen.

The bloke that tried to stop the ritual emerged from the water.“How are you still alive!” I yelled. A whirlpool then formed behind him and he went underwater once more. A mysterious creature had emerged from the depths of the freezing cold ocean; I think this is what the sea monster summoners were trying to call. At this point it occurred to me that they may not be drunkards after all but wizards in disguise. Suddenly a loud bang echoed through my head and everything went black.

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