The mysterious sea creacher

Dear diary,

Today all I wanted to do was get away from my step aunts and uncle’s house so I snuck out at 5 o’clock on a sunday evening and quietly got dressed into my most warm and comfy clothes.I didn’t want to go alone so I got my new puppy from christmas that I brang with me and put on my cosiest coat.As I grabbed my new puppies lead, the knot in my stomach got tighter and tighter.When we arrived and walked around for a little bit, I thought I saw a piece of litter on the rocks so I got closer to it.When I could see it up close it had skinny legs as thin as a ruler, arms as scaly as a dragon and a face as dark as the night sky.I ran home as fast as I could………

One Response to “The mysterious sea creacher”

  1. Great writing but remember to correct creacher ( creature )

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