The Sky Beast

Suddenly Sam was jolted back.

“An engine failure,” captain Patch believed. Three days ago Matt and Sam were in a small town but this storm had blown them off course. Sam’s grip tightened to the railings.

“MATT!” Sam cried a young brown-haired boy was holding on as the ship tipped right.

“I WONT LET GO SAM!” he shouted as captain Patch swerved the sky-ship back up-right Matt carefully swung back on.

“I’m okay” he whispered.


“DUCK!” Captain Patch barked. At that moment, sky dragons struck overhead with their knife-like claws. All of sudden, Sam and Matt saw seven sky dragons growling and fire roared towards the sky beast.

“Oh no, it’s the sky-dragons” Sam whispered. Captain Patch tugged the tiller to one side just averting the disaster and in one rapid movement drove the engines as hard as she could

“We’re going to be fine,” captain Patch assured them. But would they be okay?


For a moment, the dragons vanished as patch steered them into a colossal storm cloud to hide. Lightning struck afar and the engines started to emit smoke.

“We’re pushing her to hard!” Sam screeched “We need to stop.” The Captain glanced at Matt who was astonished to see land.

“I see land I see land!” Matt said happily

“And so it is,” captain patch believed, “Prepare for landing and hold on tight.”

A minute later the sky-ship swooped down below the clouds as Sam reduced the fire to keep the ship up. Matt was still shaken by the storm. As they buffeted side to side, their stomachs where relieved that they were close to the ground Matt and Sam stared up at the sky. Are they gone?

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