A tight squeeze

“Are we going to be OK captain A’shey?” cried Dennis as he gripped the railings to steady hymselfCaptain A’shey managed to steer them out of the treacherous storm clouds.”That was close,but did we really lose the sky dragons?”said Dennis as he pointed into the cloudy mist.without warning,two sky dragons dame daarting towards the skyglider,nearly scratching it in half.The ship hesitated,and then started to fall.


“Were all going to die!!” Cried Dennis. WithiN minutes,the sky glider came Into veiw as the sky glider plummeted through the clouds.Filled with panic and fear,the skyship came landing onto the sand with a heavy”THUD!!” “Everyone calm down !”Yelled captain A’shey,”i’m going to find some supplies for the sky glider so we can try and fix this mess, the rest of you should stay here and don’t move”. As soon as captain A’shey was out of sight, the children peered from the railings of the skyglider,before them was a monsterous desert,and in the very centre,was a very old derelict buildings, sheltered by  mammoth balm trees. Just then,a sound caught their attention.


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