Chapter 1:

“No!” screamed Owen. His mouth was agape, his hands were trembling as he looked down at the Secret Sea.

“Owen what have you done?” Niamh roared over the sound of the crackling lightning, which struck a couple of inches above the Azuretiller. It tore through the leaden sky, accompanied by a mighty boom. Although, Owen was by now an accomplished piolet, he’d never faced such a challenge before. Creating a pattern of some kind, the Azuretiller started to plummet, tip first. Owen was panting, beads of sweat was dripping from his forehead. At that moment, a savage gust of wind caught the craft as a flash of lighting struck through the centre of the balloon.


Chapter 2:

Owen stared at the view below him, his blood racing through his veins, his heart was in his mouth! “Quicker, quicker!” cried Niamh. “I’m trying! Give me a chance. This is one of the biggest storms. What were we thinking?” Silence emerged. The Azuretiller was gaining speed. The ground began to rise towards them. Niamh and Owen plunged through the grey storm clouds. As they gripped the railings, their knuckles began whitening. They prepared for a crash landing on the corner of Fertile Forest.


Peering through the gaps of the trees, it led to an illuminous path leading towards a gathering of birds. Faded in the distance was a meadow of flowers ; streams of water looped and laced over the hillside. As they walked deeper into the forest, wildlife scuttled along the floor. Butterflies emerged, dancing, twirling and twisting in the rays of light piercing through the forest canopy.


A little while passed and Owen finished surveying the broken and obliterated ship. “Owen, go look for some materials to finish the far corner of the Azuretiller. I’ll guard while you fetch!”

“Only in one condition!”


“You have to stay undercover away from enemies!”


Just then, a flicker of movement caught their attention …





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