Crash landing

The twins shook with fear as an immense Dragon landed on the Star Flashers air balloon. It’s jagged, razor-sharp claws were too pointy and heavy for the air ship to withstand. Suddenly, FTTZZ the balloon deflated.

‘’Get below the deck!’’ Captain Hernandez called.

As quick as a flash, they all rushed below deck. Ty wondered, if they were going to survive?, Will we be stuck forever? What could they do?, They were falling further and further down. Suddenly, a village became visible through the clouds.

‘’ARGGH,’’ screeched Ty as they got closer and closer to the ground.

Captain Hernandez shouted, ‘’Grab the ‘chutes’.’’

But they were too late, they were seconds away from hitting the ground.          THREE……TWO……ONE……BOOM!!!!!!!!!!

The sky smashed in to the terrain below with great force.

The air ship had been engulfed by a cloud of dust when they crashed. They all gazed around at where they had crash landed. We landed in what appeared to look like an abandoned, barren village, with wood, bricks and old food scattered all along the ground. Mariana started to get shivers. First a dragon had burst their air balloon, second crash landing and now they had landed in an abandoned village that gave you shivers, could this day get any worse?

Ty and Mariana left the ship to go and find materials to fix the balloon. They had been searching for ages and then Ty got bored and said to Mariana, “I am tired of sitting here waiting, aren’t you”

‘’No but, let’s get back to the ship and look after it while the Captain is looking for materials.’’

When they got back, the crew had already gone. They had gone to go and get some more materials to try and repair the ship. They climbed the ladders to get to the broken down air ship and glared around, the once beautiful landscape that has been transformed into an abandoned, barren landscape. Mariana very softly cried and imagined what it used to look like. What an emotional moment.

Ty said to Mariana, ‘’It is probably war that has caused this disgraceful mess,’’ but that only made her more disappointed.

Suddenly, from out of the shadows, was the crew and to Ty and Mariana’s surprise each one of the crew had handfuls of materials and their faces were full of dust and ashes.

‘’I thought you were searching for materials,’’ said Captain Hernandez.

‘’Well I think one of us got bored…………….hey Ty,’’ replied Mariana. Ty gave a sheepish grin.

‘’Well we have got enough materials to fix the sky ship,’’ sighed The Captain. It went on for hours they fixed the ship with the cloth they had found in an old shed.

‘’When we were at that shed,’’ said Captain Hernandez, ‘’it felt awkward and also we heard a familiar voice.’’ They all went back to the ship and they found a piece of paper that said:

Dear Star Flashers,

I am sorry your last in the race but

We are first and that is good, I

Hope you catch up……..not.

From Stargazer Dolphin x

They were not shocked at all because they were the only people that have crash landed but the other sky ship called the Excelsa was not that far in front. ‘’I am so mad I would smash a piece of glass,’’ said the captain.

They all went back to the ship and relaxed in their beds. It had been a really tough day. Suddenly, one of the crew came over to the room of beds and said ‘’we are ready to go now captain, Billy has checked every single bolt and Nicola has tested every button.’’ Perfect,’’ said The Captain. OHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHH,’’ said Ty.

They all went up to the top and started the ship. They were back online.

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