The Midnight Rider Episode 2.

The Midnight Rider Episode 2.

The Sky Ship screamed down from the sky furiously, Troy and Lizzy held the railings as tight as they possibly could. The Sky Ship bounced from side to side. Lizzy could see an endless blanket of green trees ahead of them.

“Hold on tight everybody! We’re heading towards land over there.” Shouted Captain Black bead. The Sky Ship thudded to the ground with a loud BANG! They landed in a mysterious forest….


Surrounded by a curtain of mist stood Lizzy and Troy. Lizzy looked up at the sky as a misty haze began to unwrap under a canopy of swaying rugged trees. Troy could hear the tweeting bluebirds chirping in the trees.

“What is this place?” Wondered Lizzy. A beautiful blanket of bluebells covered the ground like drops of rain. Troy could see the white wispy clouds swirling around the blue vivid sky. Lizzy was astonished by what stunned her eyes. Troy was desperate to go and explore this mysterious forest, but Lizzy wasn’t so sure. Who knows what could fill the enchanted forest? She thought. Sun beams shone through the cracks in the trees giving light all around the forest floor. Lizzy and Troy could smell the sweet aroma of fresh water flowing down a crystal clear stream of water.


After they had arrived back from the mystical forest Troy and Lizzy sat down on the side of the Sky Ship. After a while Captain Black bead went off to find materials for the balloon on the Sky Ship which had got stuck in a tree branch on their challenging journey. As the night went on the mysterious mist began to unfold.

“ Where is Captain Black bead? He has been gone for a while now.” Lizzy and Troy began to panic. Where had he gone?




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