Crash landing

was only 2 years old but one day everything went wrong. Well let’s start with a back story there was once a tribe and they were called moon shadow elves every human and elf got along but one day one that all got destroyed. One of the elves was There was one day a girl who was called lily she loved her best friend Alex since she steeling something very important to the humans it was a ruby that has been made by the greatest most powerful human beaning she was called Gusty the great. She made a gem that could destroy the whole world as they humans found out they halved the island the moon shadow elf empire and the human village now let’s go back go back to the present. ‘’ ALEX ALEX IM HOME!’’ shouted lily happily ‘’Alex?’’ Lilly thought that Alex went out shopping or gone out but after hour Lily got a letter. It was a nicely sealed letter lily opened it gently when she read it said…

It said

Hello dear lily glover I have your friend Alex but if you want her back you need to go on a journey to find her all though you might struggle I shall help you. Go outside and go to the deep dark woods the dark wood forest you will find something big to help you find Alex.

Lily would do anything for friend Alex so she went to dark wood forest when she got there she was amazed at what she saw. It was a duck air ship it looked like a duck when she stared to walk closer she saw a another letter she tore this one apart she read it said.

Hello again well if you read this letter lily that means you have seen my air ship I’m lending you my air ship here are some things about this air ship the main thing is if you have a emergency landing in water there is a whistle that one hank all the ducks come to you to carry the air ship.

Lily suddenly after putting down the letter she saw a little duck.’’ Hello dear lily I shall be your side kick so people say but I’m here to help you I was sent by my master sir Chamberlin’’ Lily was shocked the duck could speak but she asked nicely ‘’who is sir Chamberlin? ‘’ the duck replied look at the bottom of the letter. Lily looked down at the letter and saw that a bit of the letter was folded so she unfolded it and saw

Your dearest sir Chamberlin

‘’Uh that brat how could he take Alex and also why did he send you?’’ the duck just was confused and both went on the air ship. Lily felt like she had butterfly’s in her tummy but she ignored it but after 5 hours lily started to feel like the ship was falling and it was…


The air ship started to fall then the duck and lily fell in water but after she suddenly saw they were not under water how is the ship not sunk but how then everything flashed before her eyes the duck blew the whistle and that means that the ducks are carrying the air ship. Lily looked at the duck and said hey what your name I don’t think I asked you earlier the duck replied in a low voice ‘’Quackles’’ awwwwwwwwwwwwww that is such a cute name but still we need resources to help us get out lily told Quackles. Then lily saw about 70 ducks repairing the air ship Lily was just looking at the beautiful scenery the pastel sea so beautiful and mystical

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