Crash landing into a unknown field

Samuel and Jess where flying in the sky until they disappeared through the cloud then all of a sudden the sky ship‘s balloon popped it had been attacked by a Skyhawk and it tumbled falling to the ground, Samuel and Jess gripped very tight to the hawker “what are we going to do now!” screamed Jess as the sky ship was atleast nearly at the ground “it’s over.” Thought Samuel then the sky ship smacked against the floor. They got up limping then they looked around and noticed where they were they were at some sort of city that was broken and dark “looks abandoned.” Explained Samuel “I know it is but where are we?” added Jess, Samuel grabbed out his radar “I don’t know I have no connection…”  “Well what do we do now?” said Jess Samuel then proceeded to say “well what do you think we have to do?” Then suddenly they saw what was a bright, fresh, blue river they ran towards it as they watched it the river lead to a cave with crystals it was… the Dragon’s crystal cave.


Just as they found the cave, they entered thinking it would be a great idea, they were excited to see what was inside then Samuel felt something solid and rough. He then got out a match box and lit a match and saw a great giant wooden door, then he watched through a crack in the door and saw many specific objects such as coins, emeralds and also saw a small, adorable Dragon he tried opening it but then Jess said “Sam why is there this crack in the wall? It’s quite big.” “Don’t know let’s check.” they each walked through the giant crack in the wall they soon saw a door which they opened it and found a

Crystal stone which they picked up suddenly the ground crumbled beneath them and the door shut then they woke up in a strange wooden house they then saw a man they backed up into the wall and then the man said “it’s okay I’m friendly oh sorry where are my manners? I’m Rocket” soon enough Samuel and Jess asked “where are we?” “Well you’re in my house.” answered Rocket “we know that but where is your house?”  Asked Samuel and jess again “aha! I get it now you’re in tulacbu’s fallen town.” “Ok thanks” added the Samuel.  “Wait! That means father was here we found it!” spoke the excited twins “ok but do you know how to get out of here? “ “Not really…but I would help you!” “Let’s go see if we can get out of here.” “Wait what is that giant statue?” asked jess they then went to the statue it had some sort of door in the base of the statue they then tried to open it but then Samuel got an idea then  he asked “maybe there is some sort of object to open it like a card?”

“Good idea!”  Agreed jess then they went off to search for a card and then Rocket found a strange a card that had 509-973-5567-906-779 he then shouted “I found it!” then he ran for the statue to put in the code and something happened it soon said “access granted!” and the doors opened suddenly Samuel and Jess inside they found the parts to fix the ship and there was also a key to a door not any door the exit door.

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