Crash Landing

Ty and Mariana were flying in the air as they heard scratching coming from behind the sky ship, they were too afraid to look behind them. Mariana noticed the balloon was deflating from above, Captain O’Shea ordered his crew to rush to the emergency tools at the back of the sky ship to mend the balloon. While they were mending the balloon everyone who was in the sky ship was panicking because the sky ship was crashing down and losing control at insane speeds.


BOOM! The sky ship had crashed, luckily they all survived. Standing in front of them was an isolated gloomy town that had mist and steam surrounding it, as they were entering the town the sunny beautiful weather had changed to a treacherous stormy weather and the dull grey moon had changed into a mischievous deep purple. The buildings there were crumbled to pieces and some of them was cut in half. The crew had to be careful while walking because here was glass everywhere and big boulders blocking them from some of the dull places. After that, the crew looked for left over tools while Ty, Mariana and Captain O’ Shea were still investigating the town. Meanwhile, the crew had found some left over wood, planks and glass to fix the ship. Finally, the crew grabbed their tools and began to mend the ship.

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