As the sea roared the emptiness of the beach was calm. Suddenly the sea turned into a storm, the sky turned black. Emerging from the storm was Death. Death screamed an ear piercing scream it rang in my head.Then darkness.


 My eyes fluttered open. Where was I? I was not at the beach like before. It was dark. Too dark. “Hello” I yelled. A pair of eyes gleamed in the darkness. It set a candle alight. It was a boy.” Where’s Death?” I thought. 

” I am death ” said the boy. I screamed and tried to run- but I couldn’t.

“Please,” He said. I covered my eyes. I totally forgot he could stare right into your mind.

“I won’t hurt you” Death insisted “ My real name is B-Blade im stuck in arrr”

“What” i asked “ are you OK”

“Sorry i’m not meant to tell but please help me” Blade asked. I agreed  

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