S.S Control

Mason and Mabel stared in horror as the S.S Control started to crash down, Captain Roche told everyone to hold onto something and try not to plummet to the ground “Brace for impact! “He screeched. With their knuckle whitening, they grabbed hold of the railings trying not to fall.

The S.S Control landed on Devil’s Island. After landing, everyone let go of the railings and looked around the surroundings.

The captain ran over to the storage, seeing that Mason decided to peek in and heard the captain saying “Rats, not enough fuel.”  So he ran back and told Mabel about the problem. Soon after, Captain Roche came out and said he was going exploring with the crew members, he also told the other adults to come. Although, they wanted the children to be safe, so he told us to stay on the S.S Control.

Bored, Mabel looked at her surroundings, they were in a forest of some sort. Mason came over and said that he can see an abandoned town. The houses were made of cobblestone and wood, although it seemed like it had been there for a long period of time due to the moss crawling up the houses. Mason looked up at the magnificent view of the sunset and Mabel was looking at the fascinating plants. “Mason what’s that!?” Mabel said with a shock.

Suddenly, a flash of movement ran past them…

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