The golden stargrazer

The Golden Stargazer 

Chapter 1 


“Hold on tight!” Sam screamed as the Golden Stargrazer tilted to one side. The airship jolted as Violet help on for dear life! They had left the country side about a week ago to discover a magical, mythical land called ‘ Pixie Lowlands’, that was only mentioned in fairy tales. Violet believed in magic while Sam didn’t, so she was determined to convince her brother that magic was real. At last, the Stargrazer soared gently as Violet gazed into the telesopian for anything unusual. 


A moment later, there was peace. Sam controlled the Stargrazer like a pro. Suddenly, a storm cloud, that was bigger than the airship, swallowed the Golden Stargazer as if it were a meal. “ Sam” Violet yelled. Her face turned paler than a ghost as she spotted a DRAGON! It’s metallic scales glistened, as the wings elongated like the sails of the Titanic, and it was flying their way! “Watch out!” Sam shrieked. “We are doomed Sam!” Violet cried as lightning crackled like electricity. Without saying a word, Sam steered the airship faster and faster as the dragon, which was quicker than tornado , clawed the balloon. Suddenly, the demonic beast disappeared leaving behind two petrified people who seemed to be relieved, that the beast had left the Stargazer in one piece. 


Chapter 2 

A minute later, a ‘psssh’ sound surrounded the sky ship; Violet noticed it first. “ S… S-am..?” Violet stuttered. “ Violet , is everything okay ?” Sam asked as he steered the wooden tiller. “ There is a tear in the balloon!” yelled Violet. Suddenly, the sky ship began to rock violently as it got harder and harder to control. Sam stared in horror as Violet valiantly grabbed a rope ready to climb. “ No don’t, you can’t fix it!” Sam cried as wrestling with the tiller in a vain attempt to bring the craft under control. The air seeped out, as Sam battled to steer the Stargazer towards an island, which looked like a destroyed City.  

In an instant, the Golden Stargrazer buffeted and bounced making it harder to control. Sam gawped in horror as the sky ship rushed closer to the dust, sandy Island. BOOM! The Stargazer stabbed the ground with a massive THUD! A while later, Sam and Violet got themselves together.  

They stared through the railings of the destroyed sky ship. “ Looks like its not just sand!” exclaimed Violet as she gazed in awe. All around, coconut trees danced, against the rubble of stone buildings. Status of sliver stood strong as the bitter wind blew gently towards them. At the far end of the island, a wooden structure was there, a house of some sorts but everything around it was crooked, misshapen and broken. As the sun got sleepy, stars shone like diamonds in the black velvet sky as the iridescent moon, which was like a giant pearl, bathed the land in a milky glow, It cast a different light over the island, whilst on the surface it was beautiful, and unfamiliar. 


Sam and Violet huddled together, still trembling . The impending darkness filled them with dread and fear. Just then , a swift movement caught their attention… 


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