Spectacular Space Hotel

Spectacular Space Hotel

This Summer are you wanting an exciting but relaxing holiday? 

Have you ever wanted to go to space?

If you want both then why not go to the Spectacular space hotel?


We provide the best experiences such as

  • The alien petting zoo
  • Moon walking on the moon
  • Talking with Tim Peake
  • A meeting with Baby Yoda


Visit now because we are expecting people to snap up rooms after we closed down for five years because of an raghurifajimus invasion ( deadly alien species) so get one quick!!!


You won’t regret coming as we have massive range of rooms to stay in like the floating room for a family of five or the spectacular space rope attached room for one.


  Some of the many positivise of staying are:

  • One nanosecond trip for anywhere in the world thanks to space travel
  •   any type of pet is welcome (including lock ness monsters)
  •  Free entry


” A good hotel this is, come here again I will” said Yoda ( the master jedi who trained Luke sky walker)


We are in the ideal position to witness a supernova that is happening on the twenty first of February this year, so grab your tickets quick because believe me this is something you don’t want to miss!!!


        Remember kids under the age of twelve go free!!!


        Come to space meet the alien race!


        Book your stay at

        Open every day of the week

        Find us at your local space traveling department.

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