The Sky High Hotel

The sky high hotel


Are you wanting a relaxing hotel to go to this summer? Do you want to go to a place with the most luxury things and it’s not even expensive. Then go to the sky high hotel with amazing views over the country side. The sky high hotel is built on a high cloud in the sky to get up you need to use one of our amazing comfortable hover chairs that will take you flying up  to the sky high hotel.


Some of our free activities that you can do when you are here are.

  • Rainbow racing, I know you can win the race if you put some work into it.
  • Sky diving, go as fast as a perigon falcon diving from the sky to the ground.
  • Cloud petting zoo, whatever cloud you get it depends on how you are feeling.


There is amazing food at the Sky High Hotel such as clouds on pizza like who wouldn’t want to have that, thunder pasta sounds delicious. The bar is absolutely amazing there is a pool table that some professional players have come to use. A bar that has every type of drink in the world even our own. I nearly forgot about the spa but I have not because I am about to start talking about it I the spa there is a massaging area with pros at massaging a massive relaxing pool and a eating area.


The rooms are absolutely gorgeous and the kids get their own bedroom. And they get any choice of device with no time limit the parents get the same they both get a bathroom with a shower and a bath and a toilet they both get two Kingsize beds and a pet dinosaur witch is very well trained.


The children get a guaranteed free ticket to get there if they are 10 and under the adults are £. 2 adults and two children are £20 so it is an absolute bargain right well if that is not enough then if you go to the space hotel you will get free no matter how many people you bring. 



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