Sky Glider

John fell to the ground by the dragon.  He got up to fight and slay this beast and impaled the lizards skull.  It revealed a golden key.

If you’ve ever ventured across the seas you’re sure to see a dragon somewhere on your journey.

If not then a first time will be best in spring because of the herbivorous dragons that come out to feed on the newly grown plants while the carnivores sleep until the summer.

The weather is also quite forgiving at that time of year and the winds are not so cold or strong.

John stepped onto the ship, starting his adventure around the globe meeting all kinds of people, all kinds of animals and all kinds of climates.  The ship lifted off and the once towering buildings now looked like pixels on a screen.  He could start to see the clouds engulf the balloon.

The clouds started to disappear, then he saw the mountains, pointing to the stars.

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