”Grab the wheel, I feel like we are heading into bad weather!” Screamed Josh.
”But I have never worked a ship before”Cried Miriam,as a flash of lightning tore across the ominous clouds. Miriam and Josh gripped the sides of the stormblazer whilst holding on for dear life. Adrenaline filled Miriam’s veins as her fear doubled. Luckily,for them Josh just remembered the ships ship’s manual,so he knew how to take over the wheel in case of an emergency like this.

At that moment, the weather calmed as they streamed past the Atlantic sea. There plan was to be at r d land boarding school in half an hour. They were still In the Northern Union and knew only too well about the tales about wing goblins. Luckily, for them they had not encountered one so far. Out of nowhere, the calm was disturbed by a boom! Thunder rumbled furiously a jagged streak of lightning flashed across the sky. As the storm started once again.”This is not good! the storm has broke the engine.” Josh said shaky

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