the atlantic hotel

The Atlantic hotel

Are you wanting to travel?  Why not come to the Atlantic hotel and stay for a great price and discounts.

 it has  50 luxury bedrooms with a king size bed and 2 single beds and it has big bath room a and 100 normal bedroom  and lots more.

 come out your room and go down the corridor and there will be a door 

leading to the pools.

It has a big children’s inside pool a medium outdoor pool and big pool inside.

Also inside there is a sauna and a spa and a hot tub.

We also have a bar-restraint in the hotel.


And you also have 


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free speedboat tour of the sea
  • Free kayaking lessons 
  • Free fishing lessons
  • Pub games 
  • Free popcorn 


And lots more.


Free games room with darts ,pool, racing car games and much more. 


We also have a shop that we sell our merchandise mugs and other cool stuff

We have a free VIP lounge.


The best bit its cheap its only £100 per night for all the free stuff and the luxury rooms. 


Children get a day care for free if they want.


To book call 04682928491 or visit

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