The reality of a sky ship adventure

The reality of sky ships

You’ve probably been on a sky ship adventure soaring through the sky, clouds at the tips of your hair. You can stare at Pegasus waltzing happier than ever. Do you remember that autumn day when the weather was just perfect and the galloping rain felt extra refreshing.

I bet you’ve had the best time on your journeys from here to there, south to west, watching the night city light up with a glow. Maybe you’ve tried watching the stars shoot across the sky like salt shaken on a dark oak table til the sun comes to life admiringly.

But would you try a flight to your worst nightmare with the wind blowing you in the wrong direction, other pirates boarding your ship seeking for treasure. When your closest friend is really not your friend at all. When the storms from the south com crashing in like a colossal waterfall. That’s when your exciting adventures turn to disaster.

And some even say purple lightning will turn everything you worked for to dust, you might not believe in secret spy butterfly’s until your in explosion because when your on a sky ship adventure anything could happen…


The sky ship was shaking through the clouds, Melia stuck below deck, out  of sight, no sign of help. The tempting urge to smash the window was haunting her constantly. She heard the muffled sound of the captain shouting on and on… Something got into her, something precarious, something deathly…

It went black, it felt like a dream. She felt a plugs in her stomach as she was drifting down, down, down. She thought it was over, finished.. Suddenly, a cold, dry hand gripped onto her arm pulling her up. What was happening? Was she in more danger? She wished to get help, after the whole incident nobody could win her trust just like that.

“Why did you do that? You could have gotten yourself killed!” Aggressively questioned a boy. “You are totally ridiculous you know” the boy remarked. She slowly opened her eyes, she had trust in him. “W..who are you?” Melia whispered. He ducked down a trap door to underneath the ship searching for something rapidly, “It doesn’t matter who I am, I know this is weird but you gotta stay here!” He bellowed while prodding through piles and piles of mess.

Eagerly Melia stared into the distance as the the sun set, thinking about what had happened. “Can I ask for a favour?” He shouted to Melia from under the cold hardwood floor. “I uh umm sure” Melia answered back as she clambered down a ladder into a very chaotic office. She examined the room, then something struck her in the guts like a poison arrow shooting through her heart, it was a picture.. the only picture of her dad…

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