The Journey

The Journey

You’ve probably imagined going on a airship is fun well it’s not if your afraid of heights and you

think your going to die. Remember how you feel when rain splashes around you and wind

hits your face.

I bet you’ve enjoyed flying above the clouds and looking at the world witch is, well pretty 

empty. And once you plan on landing,you can rest for a week or two.

But you should also try to swim in the ocean and play about sometimes. When the thunder crackles and the wind howls,that is your time to go home before you suffer your terrible death.

and you should never approach danger.Because that is when you will be in trouble.

And some say they’ve seen birds that are so beautiful you probably won’t want to take your

eyes off it.You probably won’t believe this but some say that these birds are golden.


“Turn On The Turbo Boosters” shouted captain Crash. Goh was was hanging on the edge

of the ropes by the skin of his teeth. Gon stared down,the world was empty.

Captain crash steered the wheel as hard as he can avoiding trouble. Goh eventually climbed

up onto the top deck and went to blame captain Crash for not controlling the ship properly

and to tell him that he was going the wrong way. Gon saw something with the corner of

his eye.

At that moment,five golden eagles came whooshing from the bright clouds and were pecking

the ballon.captain Crash spun the wheel and the whole ship was upside down, like humans

when they do a handstand. Gon and Goh fell to the bottom deck.

Captain Crash tilted the ship from side to side.The golden eagles vanished in mid air.

Air was seeping from the balloon. Gon and Goh scuttled to the top deck and saw 

dark clouds gathering together.They we’re heading into a storm,the ship was lowering

and lowering.Did they manage to get out of there?

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