A new crew member

Ty peered into the thick fog. Even though it was hard to make it out, there was a definite shape on the ground. Confusion spread across his forehead as he stepped backwards into Marianna. She instantly noticed the silhouette in the fog and edged closer. Within a few steps away, Marianna noticed blood on some cobles.  She took two more steps and to her surprise a baby dragon was there.  The baby dragon had a cut on its pink paws with fly’s circling her. She wimped as the pain travelled through her body. It looked like it had got into a fight with another dragon. “It looks like it’s an intense pain”  “Let’s get her nice and warm so it makes the pain go away” Marianna said.  They found a blanket to put over her.  Soon enough, she laid on the ground and fell asleep.  Keeping her tail up as it was broken. “I think her tail’s broken.” Ty whispered.  Mariana agreed. They sat with it letting no danger come near the baby dragon. “I hope they come back I am getting cold and hungry” Ty moaned. After a couple of minutes, they saw something in the distance .

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