A new crew member

The crew had slipped into the staff only room, alone in the far corner of the store, wondering if they would find any wood to fix the patches of the Cloud. “Why did we come into a toy store to get our needs, it seems a bit silly?” questioned the captain. “Well normally, these staff only sections may have a few wooden shelves that we shall be able to cut up into pieces just the correct size to patch up the ships holes!” answered David. “And the staff rooms in these stores usually have some food we could borrow.” Added Mllll. In a flash they saw that it was actually staff break time on an event calendar on the dirty wall a janitor was currently cleaning with a sponge and an overfilled bucket. “Uhhh why are you here Sir David?” asked the janitor. The crew made a dash for the food stash and luckily for them the toy store had stashed the build material crate in the exact same place! “Oh lucky us!” shouted the captain. They filled there giant, inconvenient pockets with tin cans of fresh dirt soup while Tom lifted up the box of wood with all his almighty strength. “Now we definitely have to zoom out of this place before security catch us!” warned Tom. “Hey can I come with you on wherever you guys are going?” asked the janitor with a begging type face. “Fine, we need your name though.” told Mllll. “My names Sam!” He replied.

The ship was nearly one hundred percent patched up with the toy store wood when Tom and Sam heard a peculiar sound coming from the pipe system. “Do your ears hear a peculiar sound Tom?” asked Sam. “Not in my world that I’m hearing something peculiar!” replied Tom. They continued to play Monopoly when they could hear a noise of banging from the vent system, which is right near the mud covered pipe system. “Okay! Now I heard it!” shouted Tom with the loudest cry he had ever done in his entire life. They went to go investigate when … KAPOW, a peculiar baby duck in a pitch black suit destroyed the lid of the vent system! “Wow! It’s absolutely adorable!” cried Sam with a face expression of triumphant feelings. “Hey Sam”, this duck is probably a trick from some evil genius who made a baby potion, just knock it off the ship and we can go back to our game of Monopoly!” Notified Tom. Sam smacked Tom in the middle of his face then went to go get a worn blanket used by another member. “NO, this baby needs our love!” he commanded. “Okay but if that duck creates a radioactive nuke to kill us it’s entirely your fault!” Sighed Tom. Sam went to go get some warm milk from one of their cows they brought with them for the hazardous trip, but there weren’t a lot of them thanks to the massive explosion for the ship.

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