A not so normal adventure

Five am in the morning the sun rises up above the horizon an orange tint fills the air the master plan is about to happen it is the time to shine but.Even earlier sneaky Becky snatched come wooden crates filled with the finest red meat from the butcher right under his nose like stealing candy from a baby. Back under their house Becky sizzled that meat to absolute perfection for one reason only. They simply walked up to the creepy crew and said “can we come on this adventure we will feed your families for a month” then showed them the meat they agreed.  It long later they tumbled up the ramp right onto the ship the creepy crew glared at them because we were not going to help one tiny bit. They were going to enjoy the ride and chill out.

20 minutes later, high up in the ocean blue sky not a cloud in sight majestic beautiful beast soaring just beneath the crew Alfie sun bathing in the shimmering golden beams of light projecting off the scorching sun.Tiny towns with miniature kids playing round and round dreaming of being an explorer the open markets with tight turns selling things from lightning dragon scale balloons to fanciful flourishing fruit.But the Captain and the crew stood still like a statue hard as boulders waiting and waiting.

This was for an excellent reason though cause. Suddenly, storm clouds filled the sky more than it could hold thunder crackled and popped wind hissed howled crazy shouts came from the crew and Becky and Alfie were holding on for dear life.The ship began to slip over like Alfie on smooth ice they began to tumble down and down and down.

Crash! Alfie and Becky woke up their vision blurry they cleared their sight like windscreen wipers the ships front collided with an island a humongous skull sat on top of the island an endless cave of dangerous dark. There was a lonely palm tree bobbing up and down in the swirling wind fizzy moss spread along and across the island like butter across bread murky water surrounded musty air hung around echoes bounced. The trees on the other side of the murky water crashed down just like us thick bushy grass swished and swayed then the water bubbled pop, pop, pop the current shifted the island shuddered.

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