An unordinary experience!

Dear Diary,

that relaxing evening,I was taking a stroll near Blackpool Pleasure beach with my friend Mia.It was amazing the summer sun was setting. There were pigeons chirping a lovely tune and I could see people having the time of their life.My feet were satisfied with crunchy,soft sand.Until…

The sky turned black in a blink of an eye,the wind was howling like a wolf in the never-ending forest,me and Mia heard a noise, the sound of a mischievous laugh, slime slowly slithered down my shoulder. I turned to see but I saw nothing, I smelt moldy coral and then…Clash! Lightning rose.Scales were scattered across the beach.

I just witnessed a scaly monster.Its sharp teeth pierced through Mia’s snow-white skin. It’s claws were sharper than a knife.It’s spikes,scattered all down his arm,leg and back. It’s webbed toes and hands left trails of algae,and slime. I took slow steps towards the monster,trying to save my friend.Mia suddenly dropped to the floor as blood poured out of her shoulder leaving a pool of slime.


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