malamander diary

 I was driving back from a beach party as the sun began to set. I decided to go on the pier with one of my friends, and I waited near the shore at the end of the pier while they went to buy some lunch. I was convinced that my eyes were deceiving me. I promise that was all in my head.


I saw a gigantic object lumbering like a tower over one of my friends, and I had no idea what it was because it didn’t look like a person. As I proceeded to get a closer look, I noticed the monstrous thing lumbering like a tower over one of my friends. After his horrifying cry, he collapsed to the ground. It had a fishy odour to it, and he had spikes down his back that could pop a pangolin open like a balloon. His teeth were bloodshot red from my friend’s blood, and its headlight like eyes glittered. It looked like a fish, with flippers, webbed limbs, and a tail.


Was it truly the malamander, I wondered?

“It couldn’t be,” I told myself, so I ran like I’d never run before and haven’t seen it since.


It was covered with damp scales, had the claws of a Therizinosaurus, and eyes like the Las Vegas sky beam.

Like an edmontonia, he has spikes on his back.

And condodonta-like jagged teeth.

Slimy webbed limbs are also present.


I ran and fled after seeing it, not stopping or looking back. I’d run so far that I’d forgotten about my companion, so I came to a halt, turned around, and saw it, as well as my friend, had vanished.


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