Sky-Struck (part two)

“We seem to be out of fuel…” Ms Snappish said superstitiously.

“Maybe your calculations were wrong?”Suzy faked.

“RIGHT! You two obviously have something to do with this!

She yelled “So now your coming with me to find some!” She ordered,

sending them off to their room.

Mark sniggered as he rolled the fuel canister under the prison bed;

The plan was set. They could taste the lush forests they could use as cover to escape this horrid women.


Shortly afterwards, they landed upon a swampy village with a loud CRASH!

Luckily, no-one was hurt but the townsfolk were oddly silent, seeing as though one of their houses had been demolished.

Although Mark could see the fury in their eyes like bubbling magma.

“You don’t move a stupid little muscle!”Ms Snappish demanded.


20 minutes later, they were still watching the tabby woman negotiate with the silent townspeople.

The crooked branches and massive roots seemed to block out all light in the misty swamp of Watercog.

A little innocent girl skipped up to them and whispered:” Are you trying to get yourselves killed!?

You might have called an Octolion with all that racket!”. “ What’s a-


Suzy was caught off by an ear-piercing scream from one of the villagers.

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