Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

Yesterday early in the morning,I felt like I was in a nightmare!My sister Sunny and I were at Sunset beach relaxing and enjoying the playful weather and clear,clouds with our dog golden.The sun shone brighter than usual and the seagulls flew like doves in the sky.Good sign.The waves were calm moving slowly and peacefully.Golden was ignoring the view and was to busy digging up shells,helping Sunny.

I lightly dipped my toe into the water but something was…wrong.It was freezing after it was shining all day.Suddenly,the sky starting to darken and the wind blew stronger as it was raining.Sunny looked up joining me.I could smell rotten fish and seaweed came up from the sea.Something was happening,but what?I could feel icy raindrops all over myself.Then the golden,thin sand started rising into a tornado.I heard stomping from the sea.As soon as Golden realized the tornados were getting closer he ran to us in fear.Are we on the wrong beach?

A storm clashed into the sea,revealing the monster from far above the.It got close enough for my eyes to figure out what it was.It’s eyes flashing like flashlights as bright as the sun.The arms turned out to also be tentacles and arms.There were snake scales all other it’s back and electric snakes popped up.As I took a deeper look it’s needlepoint nails shone as a knife.It roared with blood dripping down like a waterfall.It’s skin was scaly and covered with seaweeds,shells and almost look like a sea-man.

I felt like I was in a nightmare,was I in a nightmare?My feet left the sand and I was joining the air all the way up floating.The tornadoes blew stronger than ever.My sister and I flew as golden was trying to get us back by jumping.Sunny and I held hands as we held umbrellas.The “monster” gave us one last roar (louder than the last).Suddenly,everything stopped.Sunny and I fell hardly on the sand.Everything was weirdly back to normal.


Sunny looked at me.I looked at her.


We quickly got our bags and I got golden (He’s a puppy,he’s easy to hold).


As we were walking home looking back at my frightening past.I didn’t know what to do.


Was that the Malamander?Was it coming after us? …

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