The Journey-part 2

The Journey- part 2

They were falling, the airship crash landed in the city square in Nightmare Towers. Go was nocked out by the wind.10 minutes later Go opened his eyes. “Get Up You Sleepy Head”shouted captain crash.”W-where are we”? asked Go. Gon stared at Go,”we’ve crash landed” replied Gon. Go got up and looked around, he felt dizzy

Go didn’t exactly get the picture, Captain Crash glanced at the airship,him and his crew went to go look for materials. Gon and Go never felt like coming, they stayed to take of the airship.

Gon and Go gathered up sticks and made a fire. They saw statues towers and broken cars all around them. They sat in silence.

It was 6:00 pm and Captain Crash and his crew still haven’t came back. Go searched around in the sand, there was nothing. Gon found a rusty old engine that had to get fixed up for the airship.

So he got working on it.

As Go was still looking for materials, a gust of wind blew on Go’s face. He stumbled on himself.

Gon was still trying to fix the engine but it wasn’t worth it for a old piece of junk.

For a split second, Go saw something rise from the sand.

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