Did you know that the dragonmander has ten tales four heads it will pounce on you and eat you alive it will pick you up and take you to your nest and then eat you to avoid this get a thing that hurts it and keep smashing its head until it gets knocked out and dies.
The sell it’s skin for a lot of money however the dragon has there spiky skin so watch out.

The dragonmander also can breath poisonous gas that can knock you out maybe evan kill you.
The dragon has sparkling gold eyes and if you look at them you turn to gold sometimes it is spotted in London it climes the Tower of London and try’s to break it down and it falls and crush some people he never is successful maybe Evan he flys into big buildings
And smashes windows
And frows people off the buildings he also can go under the water
And it eats fish under the water legends say it can eat millions off sharks at once.
It only eats living things like humans or animals it eats envy living thing.

One Response to “Dragonmander”

  1. I love the name dragonmander.
    Why is it called dragonmander.

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