The bugmanders by Izzy

The Bugmander

The Bugmander is an evil creature that looks like a just like an ordinary bug. This Bugmander has just been discovered by the top scientist in England the actual date would be 27.02.22.

This creature looks like any bug for example it could be a spider or a beetle any bug you can think if there will be a bugmander to fit the description but most of the time The Bugmander really dark blue of purple colour to it. If you manage to see the eyes they will be white or yellow and if they are looking at you slowly back away. If it’s a butterfly it will most likely be blue or purple.

These bugmanders eat dirt and mud for reasons scientists can’t understand but the things they eat the most are other real bugs they do that so that they can turn into the bug they have eaten. This also helps them get better strength and the more bugs they eat the more they look like the bugs but the main reasons for this is for camouflage

Bugmanders live in the same place as the bug they had just eaten and they know where they live because they take part of the real bug’s memory so it can eventually eat the family too.
It also lives in nearby houses to hurt the humans to but the whole point for the looking like what they eat it because their aim is to one day be human.

If you ever see a bugmander in your house DO NOT TRY AND HANDLE IT YOURSELF call a professional if you can’t find the number or website go tho this link ONLY HANDLE IT YOURSELF IF THE PROFESSIONALS CANT MAKE IT IN TIME.




3 Responses to “The bugmanders by Izzy”

  1. Spider aren’t insects

  2. I love bugmander as a name.
    Why did you call it that.
    You could say what they drink.

  3. I love how much details you have put in it so if I close my eyes I can picture the Bugmander. How did you find the idea of a Bugmander that can be any bug? Maybe after a sent email you can look back at it.

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