Malamander diary entry!

My sister and I had the strangest incident yesterday morning. Me and my sister were going for a walk on the beach so we had our flip-flops on, and we walked on the soggy, sandy blackpool beach . It was odd because I could see red drips, and it wasn’t just me because my sister noticed them as well. We were afraid to approach it since we assumed it was made of bird feathers.


Soon after, my sister and I were just chilling when a light breeze blew over my head, exposing my bald forehead. Then a drop of rain fell on our shoulders, and we yelled as we stared at them. It was a blood drop. We fled as a huge creature rose over us…


I could just about see his dark,gloomy green eyes piercing through me. It gave me shivers in my spine.I could also see his dark black skin it had all types of things on there you could live in there in you wanted to.(You won’t want to).It had fish, seaweed,wood and mostly slime. It was melting off of him landing on the  sand when it did the sand bubbled up.


I remained still, my face down on the dusty sand. When I stood up, I cleaned my face and glanced about; there was no one there, not even the creature I had fled from, and the monster was never seen again.

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