This amazing creature, which is called the Octomander Is and Octopus just twice the size of a Megalodon. You will likely find it in the Antarctic seas because of its glorious scales underneath the icy blockage.

Surprisingly, the Octomander has 20 glowing tentacles that store its blue ink inside. Remember if you see an Octomander don’t look at it in its eyes and RUN.If you look at it in the eyes it will ink you in the face and eat have a chance to eat you in 2.3 seconds .

Almost all people believe it’s vegetarian but it eats artic animals and humans.This fabulous octopus lives in the northSouth Pole and migrates to the east pole in the summer.

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  1. 1. It is Amazing.
    2. How did you get this idea.
    3. You can put more about the behaviour.

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