Part 2

“BRACE” Captain Reid yelled over the speakers, he was at the helm barking commands red with concentration. “I CAN’T PULL UP, PREPARE TO CRA…” Everything went black…

“OVR…” Carloses head was violently submerged, he pushed down and tossed around as if he was in a washing machine. He tried to open his eyes but the salty water stung them like a wasp protecting its nest. He hit something hard, something sharp, he tried to scream but water filed his mouth, he tried to breath salty water rushed down his throat…

He felt something gripping his arm, it was a hand, he was lifted out of the cold sea. Gasping for air he lay his head down on the rough rocky surface, blood rushed around his body his head throbbed. He stared around at the grim scenery, the bleak grey cliff looming ominously over him, the waves splashed up engulfing the surrounding rocks in white foam. Above him sea birds soared, diving down on unsuspecting prey picking them up in their long curved beaks, occasionally pooping on the rocks. Lightning flashed bright white on the horizon, the tall light house flashed at ships warning them of the tall cliff, Breakneck Cliff. Many sailors and aeronaughts had died in the hands of this cliff, on clear days it wasn’t a problem but on days like this one it was a living nightmare.

Around him other people lay coughing spluttering a few where standing up staring at the rough sea. He suddenly remembered who it was who had saved him, he recognized it from the books he read as a child, but they where myth. Weren’t they.

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