The sky ship disaster

I was scared, terrified.

We where falling, falling to our doom.

I clutched the side of the sky ship tightly, as we crash landed in the middle of an open forest. The treacherous trees loomed over my head, my foot sketching in the moss, as I walked over to the fresh fruit that hung on the trees. I was now engulfed in the clouds,

I looked up to see Thair where to perfect bananas, hanging on the end of a very long branch. I climbed along the long branch and grabbed the two bananas with the tip of my fingers. And jams back down to the fluffy moss that lay under the trees.

“Here you go!” I said to Billy, handing him over the banana, Billy grabbed it with a tight clutch. Billy was quiet. The frown on my face turned upside down as I realised billy was still in shock. I sat next to billy waiting for him to talk. Nothing… our Brocken sky ship was unfixeble. I went under the sky ship and grabbed a ripped blanket,I lay the blanket down on the floor carefully. I lay on the floor as I looked up at the stars. I could feel the cold air on my knees.I fell asleep.

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  1. Very nice so far so I am gonna read part 2 is there a part 3?

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