Skyship Adventure Part 2

 They stepped out of the airship. When they stepped on the floor all they heard was there feet squelchy in the wet grass. Joshua and Sally found a sign that said Arbores Forest. Joshua Was really scared the reason why is because he heard on the news the other day that Arbores Forest is the most dangerous forest in the world. He told the story to Sally Then sally got really scared but Joshua said “Ill protect you”. So they set of trying to go home. 


What they saw was atrocious there was litter all over the place the trees were damaged they were all rotten and some of them are lying on the floor dead. They were shocked At how much litter there was because they would of thought that because the forest was the most dangerous Forest in the world. They found the end of the forest. But They found a new sign that said Montes that they are the highest mountains in the world. “ We need to get up it” said Joshua. So they went and started climbing the mountain Montes. When they were climbing up Montes they came across this weird looking stump it was like they could see weird patterns on the top of it. They had a eerie feeling the air. So they approached it stealthily because they wear paranoid also why was there a tree stump in the mountains.  


So they saw what the patterns were it was heart circle heart circle then Joshua remembered earlier that on skyship that there was that same pattern on it so he remembered what it meant so he told Sally what it meant but he was not allowed to tell anyone else so you don’t get to know. So they figured it out and they were really sad because it said to john on it so they didn’t want to read it. They finely found the end of the mountains then they found the third sign and they hope it is the last sign. It said Castrum they are castles that are shiny, sparkling and fancy like gold. They entered one of the rooms that was dark but they heard a weird noise that sounded like a… 

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