The amazing adventure story

Yesterday evening at dusk, the most astonishing thing happened.

I was walking across the shoreline with my delicate little Pomeranian puppy Belle and my golden retriever Corazon. As we reached the beach, I let them off their leash and they dashed off into the water(as always).
As Belle and Corazon were paddling around in the water, they stared at me nervously and dashed back to the shore. The sky turned green and clouds turned to black and the water started bubbling. Everyone left except myself, Belle and Corazon. The pair of yellow eyes glinted at me like the look my sister gives me when we start to scrap.

As the monster started to emerge out of the water, my instinct was telling me to run but I couldn’t. I was frozen in fear. As it emerged, the creature had pointed ears, green reptilian scales and silver spikes and a stitched together mouth.
Then I thought this was not good. Finally I got out of my frozen state and ran as fast as I could with my Belle and Corazon at my heels. But as I turned around, lightning struck and the monster disappeared and everything turned to normal.
Then I thought is it real or was it a person in a mask?

By Frazier farrer-Eldon primary.

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