The Forest

“AHHH!” Isabella and Robin screamed in unison. Isabella managed to steer the ship ever so slightly, in hope that they would land on solid ground. Robin clung to the banister for dear life as the ship fell hopelessly through the sky.

“I see land!” Robin shouted to Isabella, peering over the side of the ship.

“Is that…” Isabella said wearily.

“THE FOREST” Robin finished in utter shock. The sibling looked down in fear as the tall trees came to meet them. ‘The Forest’ was the most feared place on the Isles.

“Dad will kill us when we get home” Robin complained.

If we get home.” Isabella replied, putting emphasis on the ‘if’.

Once they had landed on the leaves and mud of the forest, Isabella and Robin set off to find resources to fix the balloon. Trees taller than anything they had ever seen towered over them, casting dark and ominous shadows. The smell of wet leaves filled their noses as they darted through the forest.

As Robin stuck leaves together with tree-sap, something shiny caught Isabella’s eye. A small, golden compass.

“Isabelllllaaaaaaa” Robin moaned. “I’m donnnnnne.”

“Okay, okay” she replied, picking up the compass.

“What was that? Stop making weird noises, Robin” Isabella scolded him.

Robin made a confused face. “I didn’t say anything. You’re mental. Let’s go.”

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