The Mysterious Malamander

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the beach with my pet

Dog Bailey until i found a mysterious huge dinosaur sized footprint in the sand and found a black creepy shadow in the sea.

When we found the creepy shadow me and bailey were exploring the beach but suddenly it started to thunder and it sounded extremely  loud when bailey was barking.

After 10 minutes, the thunder stopped. Me and Bailey heard a strange noise which sounded like a big creature shouting frightenedly. I could smell a rotten deadly fish coming from the creature’s distance. 

As I stood watching i saw a big sea monster with bloodshot eyes and needle sharp claws trying to attack me and Bailey so we ran as fast as we could hiding under the sand but then we heard him eating a huge gigantic snake.   
After we got out of the sand, me and Bailey could see what he was doing but he saw us and vanished back to the sea under the water.
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