The Malamander

The Malamander


Yesterday evening, the most unexpecting thing happened. I was walking my dog Roxy to the beach to play ball.


 The waves were gliding on to the tip of the shore as Roxy ran for the ball yapping with excitement. The morning sun shone bright on our faces.


Suddenly, Roxy was gone it was if she had disappeared. As I was looking for Roxy I saw strange looking foot prints as if they were made 5 minutes ago.


 However I heard my dog bark frightenedly as I saw her tail whip in the distends. I finally found Roxy but not only my poor soul I found a strange type of creature it wasn’t a fish and it wasn’t an animal.


It had razor sharp teeth like shining knives, and thin fins at the side of its arms and back and tail. It smelled like fish and a scaly huge fat belly with scaly specks all prickled on its belly.


As I was struggling to see by the sun. I covered my hands over the sun but the next moment the creature was gone I stood in shock to what I had found. Had I just seen the Malamander? Were the legends really true?

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