The Malamander Expedition – By Fred Y4

Wednesday, 5th December 1991

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was the day of me, Peter Parmer and Sabastian Eels’s Malamander Expedition. It was 1am  , when in the direction of the sea mist, we heard a very, very, very, loud roar, like someone was setting off a fire alarm. We were about to turn back when…


…Something grabbed us both. It ripped our clothes apart, it tried to attack us.

It continued pulling us back towards the sea, so we looked back before whatever it was could pull us underwater, which wasn’t even a meter now. It was a large creature, with soggy, slimy skin, 2 glowing red and evil eyes, peering down upon us.

From behind, a mysterious, dark figure blew the beast with a scream and it ran back to the sea, soon disappearing from where it came from, and one single drop of blood from the creature fell on me.

The dark figure, now with a shadow appeared to be a man. He lifted one arm forward, no, it was a boat hook, and he too disappeared into the sea mist.

We walked home, I took my bags, and my book and left.

Could that have truly been… The Malamander, we had been looking for all along? I wasn’t going to stick to find out, either.


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