The non-existing creature

Yesterday afternoon,the most unbelievable thing happened.
I was taking my two dogs,Chee – the golden retriever and May – the sausage dog out for a walk on Moor Park Avenue. It was really quiet but some squirrels were climbing trees while we were there.

I sat down on a bench while Chee and May were playing with each other and with other dogs. I was watching them nice and carefully so they wouldn’t get up to any mischief.

Suddenly,I heard a weird noise that kept saying the words “bloop bloop bleep”. I thought it was trying to say”I’m mad because I hate dogs! I wish I could shoot every dog and every one of their owners as well!”Chee and May came back and they both jumped on me. It looked like they were scared of something.Then,the smell of rotten bread filled the air.I didn’t like the smell of it so I had to cover my nose. After the rotten bread smell passed,a non-existing creature like animal appeared. It had sapphire blue dragon wings. It had Pearly white demon horns and a thin emerald green tail with a sharp point at the end. It had one topaz yellow eye and one red ruby eye.It saw me,Chee and May and tried shooting all of us. But we dodged all the little bullets and then we ran out of Moor Park Avenue and made it to our house before the creature could get to us.Chee and May whined and I got them three biscuits for being good dogs. But was it a Dragon Seahorse? Or was it an evil creature? Will it come back?

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