The Snakeamander by Isla-s

he Snakeamander!


Recently, the townspeople have been complaining and concerned about their local woods as there has been traces of  some Snakeamanders roaming in their once peaceful and  fun woods. The majority of people are hiding behind doors.


Snakeamanders eat only 1 time a week and only 6-30 times a year. In addition to this, they eat their prey by strangling it. They make their homes underground so it’s hard to tell whether it’s a rabbit burrow or a Snakeamander’s home! 


However Snakeamanders can tell where their prey is by it’s movement and they also shred their old skin and so you might see it’s old skin lying on the ground instead of the real on (luckily).

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  1. That was really good and I don’t think you need an improvement.

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