Something new

The two of them stood there in silence, they both had the same feeling. Just at that moment, a strange creature leapt up on the ship. Wayne scurried behind the tiller, “What. Is. That?” asked Wayne, whose cheeks (which were usually as red as an apple) drained to a ghostly white. One step at a time, Wayne grew further and further away from the front of the ship. “It’s a baby enderdragon” Lisa told him, “and it look like it’s hurt.” Lisa had heard about these from the stories the adventurers told her. She crept towards the creature,trying to calm it.Once she was close enough, she slowly placed her hand on the dragons obsidian scales .”its not angry, wayne”lisa assured him “its scared,it hasn’t got any family plus, that cut on his tail isn’t helping it””well what do you want me to do about it?!”wayne asked aggressively”it won’t hurt you” Lisa told him while holding it in her gentle arms.Wayne crawled towards her”well?What do we do now?”…

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