The uninvited arrival

The uninvited arrival

Abruptly, the sound stopped; a creature stumbled out of the lime green clump of bushes. Caroline, whose brow was furrowed with determination, leaped onto the sand to see what the mystical creature was. She crashed onto the sand beside the animal, her eyes widened. A young creature (which seemed to be a goat) with glistening, matted fur, lay on it’s side. It whimpered gently, shivering in the cold night wind. “What is that!? Is it going to kill us!!??” screeched Luke, his ruddy face now pale. “No! It’s a baby Goatus!” answered Caroline. She carried on examining the Goatus. She saw a pair of feathery wings on its back. Along with that, a gash on the wing oozed with ruby red blood like a waterfall. She heaved the goat into her arms, being careful to avoid touching the wound, and carried it onto the boat. Luke, who was silently screaming, fell back in fear.

Caroline, who had had enough of his drama, decided to lay the baby Goatus by the fire. What on earth were they going to do now?

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