Klombomander invasion 

The Klombomander is a variety of mammal.They are related to the malamander but are different in many ways.Most Klombomanders will turn green if you treat them with respect.

Klombomanders are easy to identify.They have razor sharp teeth to crush the dead animal bones.Also,Klombomanders have glowing spikes on their head to alert humans how they are feeling.However,they have a pointy tail that can inject poison into human and animal bodys.

Klombomanders usually eat old bones to help their body.If these creatures are lucky they will eat skyblue klomberrys.Most Klombomanders live on land but tend to hibernate in the crystal clear sea.It is of considerable concern with the Klombomander invading people’s homes.All humans should evacuate amiantly.Visit to give these creatures an excellent life.

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