A Catamander is a very dangerous and a fiesty monster.It is a rare monster because of its shiny furry scales and rose red eyes. Catamanders are covered in the news a lot,because of their skin making them weak.Generally Catamanders live in a very cold habitat in Antarctica.They make really loud noises to communicate with other Catamanders. Just like blue whales Catamanders eat about 4 tons of food a day using their neck to hold the food.Talking about food Catammanders eat any type of bugs mostly flies,ants and ladybugs.


Catamanders are renowned for being the fastest cats in the whole world ,there eyes can glare at any movement around it.There ears can stuff from over a mile away and they can run for over 10 hours non stop.Over 200 of them can die from dyndros because there is no treatment in their habitat.Most of them get abandoned because there mother cant take care of two of them.

The public is concerned that if the other baby can survive by themselves or do they significantly die by starvation or unhyderation.A few people think that Catamanders need help now


Many Catamanders are suffering over a lot of issues by living by themselves or eating dead and rotten bodys on Mount Everest.About 400 of them in the whole world are dying right now.


You can adopt them from to spread the campaign and love.They are trained to be normal and kind to people that are not dangerous.You can send money or anything since we have already raised £265 and a lot of food .


My society*+ ~SAVING CATAMANDERS~ *+ is trying to find safe homes for these cats.They can be feisty but when they are close to you for along time they aren’t.


It is believed  that they can die over starvation or dehydration.Lets find a nice home for these poor guys before they die.Right now half of them are dead and we don’t want more to die. 


“This is to save them for dieing.” Go on this link for more information about this animal,www.information about cat manders

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