Lisdmander in dancher

Lisdmander in dancher


The Llisdmander is an xtrordinair animaland you can find  them nair osne and hot airreser .


Llisdmander are easy to identify. As thair ***** stand out like a shor fumer and they emrld green iser that could see for miles and i nily forgot his raser serp tefer  larst but not lest  thair recn ball  tell  they a good swimmer   and can brever under water.


The Lisdmander habitat is difficult as it live in water and  on lind  to but  they stay on land more because of the hot weather   but when it is winter they go  in  the sea .the Lisdmander 

Diet is mainly meat  but they will eat seaweed.


If you like the Lisdmander then please donate to them beargrease and david atber has donated .  

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