Save the Squidmanders!

The Squidmander is a type of squid that lives in the sea.It is a Jumbo squid,The amount of the Squidmanders of the jumbo species are few and they are endangered  in there habitat.
They live in caves and dug spaces.

The Squidmander have tentacles all over the there body and have feet that glow yellow in the moon.They also have beautiful eyes that change colour in the dark.In many varieties they come in orange,and yellow in skin tone.They are full with spots and gills.

The Squidamanders amazingly lives in caves and sea huts.They prefer to  live together rather than alone.They have usually got a family pack of  6 but sometimes some Squidmanders like to live alone.

Most Squidmanders eat fish and crustaceans.They are also known to fed on each other in nets.It is known that Squidmanders can eat 30% or more of there body weight in a day.They may increase eating by 10 to 15% in half there life cycle.

Biologists estimate that there are as many as 500 species of Squid. Squidamanders amazingly,have a beak hidden on it mouth unusually,Squidamanders have 3 hearts and have 8 arms and they all have suckers on them.They are more intelligent than octopuses.

The concerns for the Squidmander,it is endangered and under threat with humans and animals.These magical creatures have a special part of them.Not just any part,an astounding part.They can change colour and they scare their prey so people want their skin to scare rats and mice.Our save Squidmander campaign is catching all Squidmanders and trying there best to save them.If this threat continues,unfortunately,these astonishing creatures will sadly no longer be here.If you want to save these stunning creatures you should,David Attenborough said”If we work together we could save millions of them.”If you want to be like David Attenborough type in


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