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The fishmader is a type of sea animal that links to this mysterious creature,the malemander,seen by hundreds.It can be found deep,down above the sea and its gills helps the fishmander to breathe.

For the first time in the history,Fishmanders have the loudest voice,yes! bigger than any type of whales.Their mouth is covered in tentacles,and the size of the there foot is 5 metres long!It’s sage scales can camaflouge through rocks.Once every year,it sheds and it grows in a month.

As it seems to be,the wild fishmanders may not only relate to malemanders-but fish too!They are cold-blooded and scientist believe that the blood is up to -60 degrees celsius.One has been spotted coming out of the water.

They are known as “Squid lovers”.Their razor-sharp claws can catch 108 slimy squids.However,they are not alone.Electric eels and snakes pop out revealing its anger.Furthermore,fishmanders are the only creatures that can live forever and curiously can never die.

These monsters are becoming a threat to all humans.Several people lost homes and more work has to be done.Fishmanders are moving and read to invade earth.One unexpected night at 9:00 am,a fishmander came and striked on our towers.The president made the right choice,and build a barrier in that deserted island.More of our people could get missing.This is something inevitable and serious.

The public are concerned that we should stop these creatures taking land.Mrs Vinnie suggests,”I”ll won’t stand for this!the barrier we’ll built should be 40 metres long!

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